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Artificial Turf Around Swimming Pools

Installing turf by the swimming pool

Are you looking to install turf around your swimming pool? Homeowners who have a swimming pool want to be able to have fun without a lot of worry and cleanup. Having turf installed in your pool area will help with this. With turf, you will not have dirt or sand tracked into your pool. If you want a nice place to lay out, put your towel on the turf and relax. Not only does turf keep cleaning up much easier, it also drastically improves the appearance. Turf requires little to no maintenance. You will no longer need to water again, and grass that stays green all year long. Enhance your swimming pool area with turf and start enjoying all of the benefits.

Turf is Easier on your feet then Concrete

Stepping out of a swimming pool and onto the hot concrete can be painful on your feet. Most swimmers tend to toss water out on the concrete just to be able to exit the pool. With the installation of turf by your pool, this will not happen. Sure the turf will be warm on hot summer days, but nothing in comparison to hot concrete or stone. Keep your feet comfortable by installing turf next to your swimming pool.

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Less Clean Up With Turf 

Installing Always Green Turf in the pool area means there is less clean up in the pool itself. This means less skimming the surface and vacuuming the floor of the pool to get rid of grass clippings and dirt from people getting in and out of the pool. Pool filters typically last longer as well. With synthetic grass, there is less likelihood of it being tracked into the pool or the interior of the home. It also eliminates the need for constant sweeping or cleaning of the deck or patio area. See what our customers are saying on Yelp.

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