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Artificial Turf For Your Sports Field

Turf on football field
turf on soccer field
Turf on baseball field
Turf on field hockey
Turf on Lacrosse field
Turf on rugby field

Our Sports Turf Systems

Synthetic turf provides a playing surface that is geared toward durability and performance. The governing bodies of major professional sports like FIFA (the International Federation of Association Football), the IRB (International Rugby Board), and the FIH (the International Hockey Federation) all use and endorse synthetic turf as the playing surface of choice for professional matches.

We are pleased to offer a versatile line of sports turf products that provides solutions for many major sports organizations that would otherwise be using natural grass. There are many benefits to using our artificial turf. It offers the benefits of superior safety and performance and also meets certain requirements that would be impossible to achieve through use of natural grass in terms of consistency uniform levels in playing field conditions.

Innovative Mindset

Over the years, we take a uniquely innovative approach to delivering the best synthetic turf systems on earth. That approach is inspired primarily by nature. Everything we produce is crafted to have the look and feel of things found in nature so the players and fans can all have the most positive experience using our artificial turf products. With that level of commitment, is it any wonder why together, Always Green and GreenFields are quickly developing a reputation for being the leading artificial turf company in the world?

We provide the most technologically advanced and original portfolio of products on the market. Whether your new athletic field calls for Slide Max, GreenFields Evolution, or any of our woven products, you can be confident that the product you select is one that has challenged and expanded the boundaries of quality gameplay and performance for a countless number of athletes around the world.

Enough Talk, Let's Build Your Sports Field

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